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August 2008


A Cooperative Coffees e-Newsletter for and about Fair Trade

Issue No 3.                                                                                                             August 2008


In this issue...

jitzy with coffee

La FEM's Jitzy Centeno Ruiz 
with Just Coffee

Reach out!

Outreach and special projects
-Monika Firl talks FT with Red Eye Radio

Roaster News
-Alternative Grounds Turns Thirteen

Producer News
New producer-partner La FEM

Travel: Where in the World is Coop Coffees?
-Genevieve takes a tour of producer countries
-Tripp's visit in El Salvador

The latest in the Fair Trade movement
Is Fair Trade becoming Fair Trade lite?

Reach out!

Summer is already nearing its last lazy days, and with these changing seasons CoopCoffees is seeing its own changes go by. Two staff members are on their way out to face new adventures, and two new faces are here to take up the challenge.  Click here to read more about CoopSol's wide-eyed newbies.

Anniversaries, eye-opening travels, and new relationships are milestones that allow us to reflect on how far we have come and lets us know where we want to go.

The world of Fair Trade is changing too.  With huge corporate actors entering the FT playing field, both analysts and consumers weigh the effects--good and bad--of the movement's rise to the mass-market.

Hey--change might be scary, but without it we'd always stay the same, and we'd never get better.  And where's the fun in that?

Let us know what changes you'd like to see in this newsletter by emailing us at

Outreach and Special Projects

Radio Interview with Monika Firl

Red Eye Radio logo                    

As Fair Trade coffee makes its way to the shelves of giant corporations like Walmart, proponents of the movement such as Monika Firl of Cooperative Coffees, warn that the Fair Trade coffee available in mega-stores may not necessarily embody the essentials behind the label. Read on (and listen!) to discover the inner-workings of the corporate world's adoption of Fair Trade.

Roaster News

Alternative Grounds Turns Thirteen

alternativegrounds13In July, Alternative Grounds celebrated their 13th anniversary and we thought this would be a great opportunity to let you know a little bit about their impressive list of ongoing projects. From Amnesty International to an original postcard project, read all about the great new projects that the good folks at Alternative Grounds have been up to lately.


Producer News

New Producer Partner La FEM

women and cherriesMeet one of Cooperative Coffees' newer producer partners, La FEM.  Fiercely independent and determined to succeed, this dynamic cooperative of female producers and managers has more to offer than just coffee beans! Read on to learn about their production as well as their participation in women's rights.


Travel: Where in the World is Coop Coffees?   

Beyond Borders: Genevieve's Travel Report

Genevieve Paquette - initially an "experimental intern" before becoming a beloved employee.. and now a dear, recently departed staff member - worked at Cooperative Coffees' sister coop, CoopSol, in Montreal, for two years. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University, she requested a 4-month leave of absence to travel to Mexico and Central America. 

The following is a summary of producer visits from the Spring of 2008. Read more...

Tripp's Visit in El Salvador

Read an account of Cafe Campesino Manager Tripp Pomeroy's, visit in El Salvador - a journey, he says, that  "opened everyone's eyes to both the opportunities and responsibilities that come with a direct Fair Trade relationship such as this one between Café Campesino and ACOES."


The Latest in the Fair Trade Movement

Is Fair Trade becoming 'Fair Trade Lite'?


With the recent launching of Fair Trade coffee in super-chain Walmart, TransFair USA's CEO Paul Rice couldn't be happier with the apparent victory. Other leaders and participants in the Fair Trade movement aren't as enthusiastic about the partnership. Author Pallavi Gogoi from Business Week explores the potential "watering down" of the label and the principles behind it for the sake of mass-marketing the movement..



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