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Fair Trade Market Guide

Control Calidad - defects

Overview of Fair Trade



Chart of latest prices for conventional coffee 


 Documentation on Cooperative Coffees

Want to find out more about Cooperative Coffees, from who we are, what we do, and how our relationship with producer partners functions?  Here is a Spanish powerpoint presentation you can download that gives an overview of this organization.

  • Blank Producer Profile - This profile is used to guide Cooperative Coffees representatives when visiting with a new cooperatives. The information collected is available to all members and is updated each time we meet with trading partners.
  • Example  Exporting Documents  - This folder holds examples of several documents that define the contractual obligations associated with the relationship. Included is an example contract in English and Spanish, examples of Shipping Instructions and an example of a Producer Agreement that generally defines the obligations our importing cooperative and the producer's exporting cooperative.
  • Example Wire Transfer Instructions - This page illustrates the info that we require in order to wire funds to pay for coffee.  These instructions should be included with the original documents each time a shipment is made to us.

Information on Coffee Production & Organics

Here you will find information on organic certification processes, technical agricultural advice, and market information. 

Farming Matters magazine

Farming Matters magazine  /   Magazine d'AGRIDAPE

    • Quarterly publication consisting of local knowledge about agroecology and sustainable farming, collected from small farmers all over the globe.
    • AGRIDAPE tente de combiner les savoirs locaux et scientifiques et dínfluencer les formulations des politiques pour la création d'un cadre favorable à leur developpement.

Here is a detailed calendar (2008) produced by the Peruvian Coop Divisoria, of the month-by-month steps and procedures of the coffee growing calendar year. Print it out on poster paper and follow along!

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