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All board and committee work is documented in the respective folder. Each committee folder will contain their: Minutes and Agendas, Project Folder, Reference folder for Archived Items. The chair is responsible for either maintaining this area or recruiting someone to do so.
Green Bean -
Chair: Brad Brandhorst - Larry's Coffee. Members: Linda Burnside - Alternative Grounds; Tom Valentine, Chris Durai, Derek Wolfe - Bongo Java; Guylaine Pelletier - Café Cambio ; Nancy Aparicio, Dave Campbell - Café Campesino; Ben Gaul - Coffee Exchange; Sean Gartrell - Conscious Coffees; Glenn Lathrop, Wade Wildeman, Zach Ray - Desert Sun; Jim Hottenroth - DOMA ; Shannon Ripley - Equator Coffee; Alec Risch - Heine Brothers; Chris Treter, Karin Thompson, Jennifer Yeatts, Byron - Higher Grounds; Mike Moon, Casey Blanche, Matt Earley - Just Coffee; TJ Semanchin, Caleb Nicholes Scott Noe, Alex Stoffregen - Kickapoo Coffee; Larry Larson - Larry's Coffee; Anne Costello - Peace Coffee;Jeremie Thompson, Mike Weaver - Sweetwater; Tom Novak - Third Coast Coffee;Staff: Monika Firl, Felipe Gurdian, Ellen Meredith.