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Cupping Judge Course

cuppingCurrently, Coop Coffees' Quality Control Lab ("Labo Equitable") located in Montreal, Quebec, offers the SCAA Cupping Judge Course two times a year.  The course is instructed by Coffee Lab International owner and manger, Mane Alves who is a highly qualified master roaster and renowned quality control/cupping trainer. 

As an SCAA certified learning lab, we offer specialized courses to help new-comers to the world of Specialty Coffee in demystifying the building blocks of quality; and for seasoned coffee traders and roasters looking to improve their skills and/or qualify, to join the ranks of SCAA Cupping Judges or Q Graders, based upon industry-recognized standards.

This five day learning course is based on sensory aptitude, taste tests and aroma exercises that give you the language and context for grading and tasting specialty coffee. This course offers training for the 20+ exams administered during the week and is advised as prep for the "Q" Grader's exam. Participants can stay and add the final "Q" Test at the end of the course. 

Next scheduled course: April 29th - May 4th, 2013

Cost: $1350 US

See Coffee Lab Int'l's website to register or find out more information...

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