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The Company We Keep

We believe that the company we keep says a lot about who we are. Take a look at the people and organizations that help make our work possible, and have helped build the fair trade movement from the ground up.

Our certifications happy kids' welcome

These are the certifications we carry that demonstrate our adherence to fair trade and organic principles.  Our certifications include Transfair USA, Transfair Canada, Oregon Tilth, and Georgia Organic Certification

Our associations 

We are members of each of these associations, representing our strong ties to each of these movements: specialty coffee, cooperatives, and fair trade.

Our investors 

These investors make our work possible.  As a fair trade importer, we pay for our green beans at the beginning of the season, as opposed to the way it normally functions, where producers only get paid once the coffee has been delivered. To make this possible, good financing is needed, and these investors make this a reality.

Our allies

This is a group of companies and organizations with whom we share similar philosophies and practices.  We work together, take part in each others activities, and help each other out if ever there is a need.

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